work in manufacturing? clean with tough nut.

Meet the last hand cleaner you’ll ever need.

For Factory mechanics

Machinery mechanics are known perfectionists. Maintaining and repairing factory equipment and other industrial machinery relies on hundreds of hours of hard work, so we made a hand cleaner that helps them save time and effort.

for assemblers / fabricators

Despite automation, many tasks still need the skilled hands of an assembler or fabricator. While tasks can range from the very basic to the extremely complicated, at the end of the day they need a powerful hand cleaner that just works.

for other manufacturing workers

Tech workers, whether in textile, food production or aeronautics, are some of the hardest working people we know. You deserve a hand cleaner that protects your skin and gets the job done like you do.

Industries We Serve

Tough jobs require an even tougher hand cleaner. Whether you're an auto enthusiast, a mechanic a painter or even an oil field worker, Tough Nut makes sure your skin (and tools) end cleaner than when you woke up this morning. Get to know the industries that trust Tough Nut Hand Cleaner:

100% Verified Customer Reviews

What can I say? This stuff just works.

I’ve tried the orange stuff and anything you can get off the shelf. Nothing works like Tough Nut. Everybody in my shop uses it.

Must have for Mechanics/DIYers.

This stuff works great. I work on all my vehicles so this is a must have for anyone who does the same. Gojo and lava bars aren’t really up to par when it comes to hand cleaners that really clean your hands.

Very Impressed!

I am an Aviation Mechanic and the hazardous materials we use stain my hands on the regular. A small dab of this soap scrubs and cleans my hands so well! Super impressed and will continue to buy!

I have been using pumice based cleaners for more than 50 years as a car mechanic.

Those do not even come close to how well this stuff works. Cleans without irritation.

Are you a grease monkey? Then this product is for you!

We have tried many brands of soap similar to this description and they never quite did the job, but this one is incredible! My boyfriend is a diesel mechanic and is always covered in grease and dirt and I was actually able to see his skin color again when he used it!

I work in a paint booth and soap and water doesn't do the job the trick.

This stuff takes multiple types of paints off. Has some grit, leaves my hands feeling smooth and doesn’t use pumice!

What are you waiting for?

If you’re still using the orange stuff or other products that use solvents, you deserve a better hand cleaner. No fragrances. No pumice. No microbeads. Just one wash is all it takes.